Location: Mateus Mist Ward 16, Plot 31
Time: Sundays, 8 PM EST - 11 PM EST
Themes: Underworld, Mature, 18+, Arena, seedy Tavern


Pitfall, or the Pit, is a seedy little oasis of scum, villainy, and watered down drinks! Enjoy a fine selection of probably stolen or illegal alcohol while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the fighting pit. See sights from around the world as they shimmer about the stage dancing and giving a show for the thrills of all and maybe some small tips! Come make friends and connections! Please remember that management is not personally responsible for any maiming, death, or loss of property! Your consent for being here is our waiver! Enjoy!

The Pit Arena!

Are you a burly scrapper looking to make a name? Or perhaps you're a warrior looking to impress the ladies! Maybe you're just a down-on-your-luck homeless person looking for some quick gil. Whatever the reason all are welcome in the arena. Fights will start at 9 PM EST provided we have enough victims and volunteers! ((Please message Ayame or Ruhxa with interest in participating. Limited to first-come-first-served.))

The Crew

IC Information

Who We Are: You know that little voice in the back of your head that says not to do something but you do it anyways? That’s us! We’re a menagerie of individuals from all walks of life bound together by a love of adventure, vice, and money. We’re a scrappy crew that doesn’t believe any job is too tough, provided the pay is right!

What We Do: Weapons dealing, smuggling, theft, and making a mean glass of rum; these just a few of the things on our day-to-day agenda. We are not mercenaries, as we prefer to encourage conflict rather than conclude it! If you need something moved, hidden, or stolen, we’re your people!

The Company

OOC Information

FC Name: Insolence
FC Tag: <IS-RP>
Leader: Ruhxa Madhne
Type of FC: Heavy RP
Active Time: Variable, for RP Events (Normally Evenings EST)
Alignment: True Neutral
Age Limit: 18+
FC Themes: Underworld, Smuggling, Bounty Hunting, Adventuring, Odd Jobs, Crime

OOC Background: Insolence is a heavy RP-focused group centered around getting out in the world to interact and RP. Our focus is on small storyline events to allow for organic character development. In order to achieve this level of depth our FC uses the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition for our roll system. This game system is both flexible and easily accessible and our group is more than happy to help new players learn and create a sheet. If we've piqued your interest stop on by one of our bar nights or message one of our members!


Ruhxa Madhne
Captain of the Insolent and Matron of Chaos!
Caard: https://ruhxa.carrd.co/
Discord: Katerena#8492

Ayame Mizuki
Matron of Sobriety and Stirrer of Pots!
Discord: FeartheMyr#8698